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AR Tetradrachm (16.96 gm)
c. 356-351 B.C.

Laureate head of Apollo l. / Lion's head facing. SNG ANS 675. Ex NFA XX 1988, 619.

This tetradrachm belongs to Regium's last issue of silver coinage, possibly of later date than that which Herzfelder assigns them. Similar Apollo heads appear on late 3rd and 2nd Century coinages, e.g., on the electrum of Agathocles of Syracuse and on the gold of Tauromenium. According to tradition, Delphian Apollo advised the citizens of Chalcidice to found Rhegium in the 8th Century B.C. In the early 5th Century B.C., it was colonized by Peloponnesian Messenia. The lion on the reverse may refer to the Nemean lion slain by Heracles, a nod to the Messenian component of the Regium population.

A very beautiful coin of particularly fine late classical style, well-struck in high relief.

Very Rare. Toned.

about Extremely Fine $57,500
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